Training - Businesses

By working with Neuroteachers you will;

-Improve recruitment for ND employees

– Improve neuro inclusion in at the interview, induction and retention phase

-Embed neuro inclusion in your policies and practices

-Develop your neurodivergent talent pool

-create your manifesto for neuro-inclusion

All training can be delivered online, pre-recorded with a live Q and A or in person. Face to face training will include transport costs, accommodation and expenses where necessary. For details email [email protected]

neurodiversity in the workplace
neurodiversity business trainer
Neuroteachers keynotes


Typically 1 hour

Celebrating your Neurodivergent Workforce

Dropping the Mask – allowing your neurodivergent learner to be their authentic self


Typically 90 minutes

Employing Neurodivergent staff – an overview

Focus on Neuro Inclusive Recruitment and Interviewing

Focus on Neuro Inclusive Induction and Retention

Promoting Your Neurodivergent Talent

Neuroteachers workshops
Neuroteachers Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn

Typically 45 minutes plus Q and A

Autism in the workplace

ADHD in the workplace

Dyslexia in the workplace

Dyspraxia in the workplace

Dyscalculia in the workplace

Developmental Language Delay in the workplace

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