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Neuroteachers is a training, consultancy and coaching company supporting schools and businesses with neuroinclusion.

Neurodiversity Training – for educational settings

As an experienced special needs teacher and senco in both mainstream and specialist settings, I know how time and resource poor schools, colleges and nurseries are. You need simple, practical solutions that will improve behaviour, attendance and attainment for your neurodivergent learner. You can learn these today and put into practice tomorrow. Let me show you how you can gain confidence through knowledge. I can help you tweak your existing skills to make your lessons more accessible to autistic, adhd, dyslexic and dyspraxic learners without creating more work.

Neurodiversity Training – for Businesses

As a neurodivergent entrepreneur founder and director, I can share my successes as an employee and employer of neurodivergent people. This will help you to develop your recruitment retention and promotion of your neurodivergent talent pool by creating a bespoke program of training, consultancy coaching and mentoring.

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Embracing Neurodiversity Through Adaptive Teaching

In this course you will learn what neurodiversity is and how to support pupils with common neurodivergent conditions in mainstream classrooms. This course covers the basics on how to support autistic, ADHD, dyslexic and dyspraxic children and young people as well as those with a range of neurotypes ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Neuroteachers offer

All neurodiversity training can be delivered online, hybrid, pre recorded with a live Q and A, or in person.

Face to face training will include transport costs, accommodation and expenses where necessary. For details email [email protected]

All neuroinclusion training listed can be adapted for the age and stage of the cohort in your nursery, school, college or business.

Keynotes (typically 1 hour at an inset day or conference)

Workshops (typically 2 hours)

What is Neurodiversity training  For beginners or those new to neurodiversity, adhd, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia (typically 45 minutes plus Q and A)

Advanced training  (typically ½ day) This includes support with behaviour, attendance and attainment

Relational Practice  Behaviour support through trauma informed practise

Schools Intensive Support Mentoring to reduce challenging behaviour, school refusal and improve grades for your neurodivergent pupil. Available to parents and school staff.

Business Training  Understanding reasonable adjustments for your neurodivergent employee or colleague. Improve recruitment retention and promotion to fill your skills gaps.


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One to one support


About me

My name is Catrina Lowri and I am a Neurodivergent inclusion trainer, mentor and consultant.

I help nurseries, schools, colleges and businesses find simple solutions for neuroinclusive practice.

My expertise comes from my lived experience as a neurodivergent teacher, employee and employer. I am also a qualified special educational needs (SEN) teacher and experienced special needs co-ordinator (SENCO) and advisory teacher. 

Whether you have years of experience working to improve inclusion for neurodivergent people, or are new to neuro inclusion, I can help you with practical ideas that really make a difference.

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"Thank you so, so much today's online session was incredible. As a parent of a child who is displaying some of the signs and behaviours you have touched on, I found it even more enjoyable and informative"
Chris Kelly
Busy Bees Nursery
I have connected with Catrina recently to input into our #DiverseEd training, events and resources on Neurodiversity. She is very communicative, highly organised and very reliable. She has curated our DEI toolkit on Neurodiversity for us to signpost learning for the network. She has also written a few blogs to develop consciousness, confidence and competence in educators
Hannah Wilson
Diverse Educators
Catrina is so fabulous at doing training. She is very easy to listen to and so knowledgeable. She is great at making people feel comfortable and talk as well as keeping the pace at a level that holds interest. I would highly recommend any training that she is doing.
Bev Robson
Catrina is absolutely wonderful to work with from start to finish.
Sophie Ford
The National College
a letter to my fellow neurodivergent teachers

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