Neuroteachers Training

Training – for educational settings

At Neuroteachers, we understand how time and resource poor schools, colleges and nurseries are.You need simple, practical solutions which you can learn today and put into practice tomorrow. Let us show you how you can gain confidence through knowledge. We can help you tweak your existing skills to make your lessons more accessible without creating more work.


Typically 1 hour at an inset day or conference

Celebrating Neurodiversity 

Dropping the Mask – allowing your neurodivergent learner to be their authentic self

What is…

typically 45 minutes plus Q and A

What is neurodiversity?

What is Autism?

What is ADHD?

What is Dyslexia? 

What is Dyspraxia

What is Dyscalculia?

What is Developmental Language delay?


Typically 2 hours 

Neurodiversity and Differentiation 

Neurodiversity and Communication

Neurodiversity and Sensory Processing

Neurodiversity, Behaviour and Dysregulation

Neurodiversity and Gender

Neurodiverisity and Anxiety

Advanced training

Typically ½ day

A Pervasive Desire for Autonomy  – Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance

This is not School Refusal – Understanding Emotionally Based School Anxiety

Alternatives to Exclusion – Understanding Challenging, Disruptive and Distressed Behaviour

culture change
autism neurodivergent mentor

Events- Open to Teacher, Teaching Assistants and Parents

Neuroteachers offer simple, practical ideas about neuro inclusion for your ‘Child or young person in mind’.  

Our range of open access online events and workshops are available to book now on eventbrite. These are each either available to teachers and support staff  and/ or parents. Each offers the most up to date information on a current topic in neurodiversity education and are taught in a workshop format so that you can have your questions answered.

Popular topics include

Meaningful Social interaction without Masking

Teaching Relationships and Sex education to your Neurodivergent Learner 

Situational (not selective) Mutism

Relational Practice -schools

Catrina is a trained specialist lead Trainer with Positive regard

Here’s a link to their website

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